Revenue Path Optimization

Revenue Path Optimization (RPO) is a term G8 Technological coined to describe the critical function of developing clear, cohesive, and collaborative processes and metrics used to guide a company’s revenue stream.

Revenue Path Optimization is all about streamlining, analyzing, and constantly improving all of your Sales and Marketing processes, from demand generation to customer retention. It requires a collaborative effort from both Sales and Marketing to be truly optimized.

What It Can Do

Improves Sales and Marketing alignment.
Creates a holistic view of data, improving transparency and forecasting.
Personalizes marketing and conversations, all automated but still highly relevant to the recipient’s preferences, behavior, and history.
The bottom line? Increased conversions and more revenue. 

Who Needs RPO?

Companies who are using marketing automation and not seeing a return.
Businesses who are ready to grow and need the infrastructure to support it.
Organizations that want to get marketing automation right the first time.
Existing businesses that might be falling behind in digital strategies.

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