We Specialize in Revenue Path Optimization

Predictable. Repeatable. Easy to manage.

Your revenue growth can (and should) be all of those things.

For the past decade, we’ve helped scores of businesses achieve just that by marrying technology and consumer psychology to custom-build systems that help them attract, convert, and retain more buyers.

From lead generation to conversion and beyond, we work with you to build automation and engagement systems that actually lighten your staff’s load and shorten your sales cycles while creating richer relationships with prospects and clients.

We’re mindful that our success hinges on yours. Hence, we treat your business as if it were our own, helping you:

Find the right fit to solve real problems hindering your growth today.
Ensure systems are flexible and scalable so they’re just as effective years from now.
Train your team on all new tools and processes.
Earn buy-in and ensure everyone understands how they benefit from new systems.

Your Success Trifecta

We believe sustainable growth hinges on three vital components:


Count on our full support to boost efficiencies and buy-in among your associates.

Associate training on new technologies and processes.
Sales, Marketing, and Customer Retention support.


We’ll equip you with the tools, insights, and processes to achieve and replicate sales.

Lifecycle management.
Sales process optimization.
Strategic marketing consultancy.
Tactical marketing implementation.


Sales technology should make your life easier and your bank account fatter.

Marketing Automation Platforms (Marketo, Hubspot, Pardot, Autopilot, Ontraport).
CRM (Salesforce, MS Dynamic, SugarCRM).
Social Automation (Hootesuite, Oktopost).
BI (Sisense).
Advanced Tools (Leandata, Knak, Tendemon).

Evidence-Driven Methodology

The G8 methodology is proven and its benefits well documented, honed over a decade and dozens of businesses like yours.

When you partner with G8 Technological, you can expect advantages you won’t find anywhere else, including:

Centralized Infrastructure

Enjoy a robust system that can easily handle complex scenarios.

Modular Design

Modify core processes quickly, without having to redesign your entire system.

Scalable Components

Expand your system as needed to accommodate new growth and needs, with minimal maintenance.

Event Translation

Enjoy a robust system that can easily handle complex scenarios.

Minimal Hard-Coding

Rest assured: Your system will be flexible and stable.

Easy Templates

Run campaigns and activities with ease while your system does the heavy lifting.

In all, your G8 infrastructure is crafted to enhance your people and processes for years to come—all in a platform that’s easy to adopt, maintain, and scale.

What would it take to multiply your sales? Schedule a free assessment with our team to find out.