Managed Services

At G8 Technological, we’d always like to help our partners become independent in their Sales and Marketing effort, but not every business has the capacity to successfully take it on. As a result, we’ve developed a range of services to help support our partners and “fill the gaps” in your team.

Whether it’s ongoing system administration, a little bit of strategic support, or fully outsourcing your Marketing team, we’ve got your back with our Managed Services.

What We Can Do

Support our customers after they’re up and running by ensuring they never have any gaps in their team.
Managed Services include system maintenance, basic, support, campaign execution, and Done-For-You Marketing services.

Who Needs ABM?

Businesses who don’t need a full-time team member devoted exclusively to automation and could be better supported by having your team supported by ours.
Organizatios who want to make sure they always have someone there to ensure your campaigns go out on time and on target.
Companies who have marketing automation but don’t have the resources for a full-time admin.

What would it take to multiply your sales? Schedule a free assessment with our team to find out.