Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing (ABM) is taking the marketing world by storm. At its simplest level, ABM Transformation is changing the way companies think about all of the individuals who impact a purchase decision.

ABM’s philosophy is that a prospect is a collective decision maker and not a series of disjointed individuals. Each one impacts the decision in a different way.

G8 Technological has been specializing in helping companies make this transformation for the past five years, enabling them to leverage account based data to enhance engagement and drive revenue.

What It Can Do

Establishes business process that foster the Account Based mindset, adding value to the decision-making process.
Overhauls the data infrastructure to establish meaningful Account Based data so you can see who is impacting the decision and how.
Transforms organizations’ communication processes to deliver Account Based Marketing.
Efficiently tracks of patient engagement history, preferences and communications.

Who Needs ABM?

Organizations who know that Account Based Marketing is the key to their Sales success and want a partner to help them knock it out of the park.
Businesses who know they have multiple stakeholders in their database, but they feel they can’t make the connections.
Companies who are selling to multiple stakeholders and need to engage them effectively.

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